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07 Jun '18

I wear what I sell... literally as well as figuratively

Posted by Jamie Nix-Dipaola in Me Store News Blog Seller Update Mystory


This is my first blog post.  I am going to keep it short as I dont have a clue what Im doing...LOL  

I have always had the reuse gene.  It came from my father.  He was what we called a horse trader always bringing some odd thing home.  Could be a mini bike, car, go-cart well you get the idea.  He even brought home a chinchilla once.  My mom was like why are you bringing that girl home a rodent.  It was cute but nocturnal so I ended up giving it to my neighbor who had all kinds of little animals like Guinea pigs and mice.  That ended him bringing  things home in cages...LOL  Other things would  disappear when no longer used and something else would show up.  Traded away or sold for someone else to enjoy.  I continue that lifestyle today with my web store.  I have a particular style and thats a lot of what  I sell.  I do add other items that I feel are a good quality regardless . Because lets face it we all like to mix things up.  I try to look for quality items, something that is getting harder to find new or pre-owned at a reasonable price.  Nothing more annoying than paying 75.00 for a top only to have the button fall off on the first wash...am I right!  I like comfort.  Yes its true I do go out at times without makeup on.  I say live and let live.  When I was younger this never would have happened but once you hit your 40's you finally start to know who you are and what works.  At least for me.  I feel better when I have a little blush and eyebrows so try to make the effort most days.  I dont enjoy having my picture out there but its good for you to see who you are buying from.  My style... Talbots top and CAbi capris purchased pre-owned and Brighton belt, a gift from the Hubby...new.  Ok that will wrap up my first blog post for now.  I will post another in the near future.


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